Category: Practice Helps

Summer Practice Games

Sometimes it’s hard for piano practice to compete with other summer time activities. Try these practice games to make piano practice time part of your summer fun!   FISHING Choose a section of music to practice. One or two measures for a beginning student, a longer passage for a more advanced student. You, the practice… Continue Reading

Learning How to Practice

Teach a piano student to play a song, and they have a song to play. Teach a piano student how to practice, and they can learn to play anything!   PLAYING VS PRACTICING The first thing to know about practicing the piano is that it’s a little different from playing the piano. If your child… Continue Reading

Finger Power

Have you ever watched a sports team practice? Think about what they do. For instance, will a basketball team spend their entire practice time playing basketball with each other? Or will they instead take the time to build skills they need to have when playing, like dribbling, passing, and shooting the ball? How good of… Continue Reading