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Using the Practice Album

Each Hoffman Academy unit comes with both a Listening Album and a Practice Album. So why do we need two different sets of recordings for each unit? The Listening Album, which I talked about in a previous post, is a set of recordings for your child to listen to in preparation for learning a song.…Continue Reading

Piano Maestro iPad App

If you have an iPad and you’re looking for an app that will help your kids practice their sight-reading skills, check out Piano Maestro. I’ve been using at home with my two boys and we love it.   Piano Maestro basically turns sight-reading into a video game. Music notes scroll across the screen, and if…Continue Reading

Concert Behavior for Kids

One great way to inspire young musicians is to take them to see a live musical performance. Whether it’s a concert in a performance hall, a school music program, or a student piano recital, it can be a great learning experience to watch others making and sharing music. Make sure it is also a great…Continue Reading

Hoffman Academy 2.0 – Coming Soon!

We’ve had a great start to our Hoffman Academy Kickstarter! It’s only day 4 of our 30-day-campaign and we already have over 25% of our funding. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us with pledges and by spreading the word. We couldn’t do this without you!   A lot of people have had questions…Continue Reading

Make Your Own Music with Finale NotePad

Want to encourage your budding composer? Let me tell you about some free software that lets you create and print great-looking sheet music.   Finale NotePad is music notation software that’s basic and easy to use, perfect for a beginning composer. You can download the program for free at   COMPOSING WITH NOTEPAD When you…Continue Reading

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