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Consistency is the Key to Success in Learning the Piano

In piano practice, as well as anything you want to accomplish in life, consistency is absolutely essential for success. I’ve found that consistency is the make-or-break issue that determines whether or not a student is going to succeed in piano. It isn’t how good they are when they start, it isn’t about talent. It boils… Continue Reading

Parenting Hacks for Piano Practice and Life in General

Hello, Kelly Hoffman here. Last month my AM Northwest segment was on “Parenting Hacks” for a more positive family life. It was a topic I passionately feel needs more discussion, mainly because most people feel like relationships just happen to them, and that people with great kids, marriages, and careers just got lucky somehow. It… Continue Reading

Student Family Spotlight – The Zebroff Family

Meet the Zebroff family from British Colombia, and find out how learning piano with Hoffman Academy led their girls to an exciting public performance opportunity! Hello Hoffman Academy community, I’d like you to meet the Zebroff family from British Colombia, Canada. They have three children, Alexey, Alexandra, and Valentina, who will be turning 4, 6,… Continue Reading

Take the 90 Day Summer Challenge

Are You Ready for the Summer Challenge? Summer is a great time to enjoy learning music without the pressures of the regular school year routine. To help you make piano part of your summer, We’ve created a fun, free downloadable 90 Day Summer Challenge practice chart to track your summer time practice. Click here to… Continue Reading

Hold Back on Over-Helping

As parents, when we see a child struggling with something we often want to save them, to rescue them from their struggles. What we have to keep in mind is that sometimes the struggling is where the learning is happening. We need to learn when to help and when not to help.   When to… Continue Reading

Piano Practice Checklist

Have you ever come home from the grocery store and realized you forgot to get something important? It’s hard to remember everything we ought to do all the time. That’s why we use lists. Using a list not only makes it more likely that you’ll get things done, there’s a certain satisfaction to crossing things… Continue Reading