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Three Secrets Every Piano Parent Needs To Know

It’s Mrs. Hoffman here, and I’ve got a secret to share: I’ve never played an instrument! It’s true. People often assume I’m just as musical as Mr. Hoffman, and WOW are they surprised when they find out I’m not.

Because of my (lack of) musical background, I more than understand how it feels to sit down with a kid who’s trying to learn piano. It’s challenging to help them with practice when you have no musical background yourself!

I struggled through piano with my own boys and along the way figured out a few tips and tricks that turned out to be the keys to their success. 

1. Treat Learning to Play Piano Like Learning to Read

Reading is something we support kids in until they master it, and we often take for granted that they will learn, whether it’s easy or hard for them. Treat piano like reading. Have that same confidence in your kids until they master it. With practice and your confidence in them, they’ll get there.

2. The First Years of Piano Lessons are Not About Learning Piano

You’re reading that right. The first few years of piano lessons really aren’t about learning piano. Instead, they’re about learning to practice piano. The key to success is practice, and learning the habit of practice is the most important part of the beginning years of lessons.

3. Piano Practice Should Be Fun

If we’re asking kids to sit down at the piano every single day for practice, it’d better be fun! Just about every part of practice can be made into a game – from the piano alphabet to rhythms, there’s tons of room for enjoyment. And, because we’re Hoffman Academy, you know we’ve got games and resources that are perfect for practice time.

Remember, it’s not about how many songs they learn in their first years. Instead, it’s about how much they like the learning, starting with the very first lesson. And the key to liking learning is to make practice something they want to do. I know these tips and tricks will work for you – I hope you give them a try soon!

Happy Practicing,

Mrs. Hoffman

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