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The Cycle of Success

Real success is the greatest motivator. Piano students who are learning, developing, and succeeding will want to keep going, while students who aren’t making progress tend to want to quit. This is why consistent, daily practice is so important.

Consistent Practice Is the Key

A student who practices regularly will achieve new levels of skill almost daily. This student will be excited about his or her progress, which will, in turn, make it even easier to feel like going to the piano to practice the next day. If you want your child to stay motivated and to love playing the piano, then you must set him or her up to make steady, consistent progress. This means regular daily practice. Here is a little formula to remember:

Cycle of Success

On the other hand, a student who does not practice consistently will make very little progress. This is because every time this student does sit down to practice, most of the time is not spent developing new skills, but rather simply trying to remember what was learned last time. Whatever little progress is made is lost in the days that go by in between practice sessions. Most students who do not practice consistently will want to quit within just a few months. The reason? It is impossible to enjoy learning the piano when there is no progress or very little progress.

Importance of Practice

Be sure to make daily practice a part of your piano student’s routine. Remember, the surest way to predict success in piano studies is NOT by the student’s musical talent, but by how consistently the student practices.

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