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Learn Taylor Swift Piano Songs with Our Tutorial

By Claire Robertson
Learn Taylor Swift Piano Songs

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Interested in learning Taylor Swift songs on piano? You’ve come to the right place

Are you ready for it…! Swifties, we’ve collected video and sheet music resources to help you learn to play some of Taylor Swift’s biggest hits on piano. Whether her extensive discography recently inspired you to learn piano or you’ve been playing for years, our Swiftie-inspired virtual piano tutorials and upcoming virtual piano camp will help you connect to your inner pop star. 

Taylor Swift’s storytelling poetry and music connects with people all over the world. A songwriter since the age of 14, Taylor has won 14 Grammys for her country, pop, and indie albums. She  recently reached a major historical milestone by releasing more No.1 albums on Billboard than any other woman. Inspired by her history-making powerful music, more than 4.3 million fans (and counting!) have experienced the magic of her Eras Tour. 

We know you have a favorite song and a favorite look for every era, so we’ve included Taylor Swift piano sheet music recommendations from each album! Check out our free Taylor Swift piano tutorial to learn how to play “Shake It Off” from 1989. We’ve also included selections of easy piano arrangements for “Blank Space” and “Love Story” on piano. Finally, we compiled a list of sheet music anthologies so you can find more easy Taylor Swift piano songs.

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The best Taylor Swift piano songs for beginners

We’ve curated a list of favorite songs from every era including arrangements for beginners that you can find on Sheet Music Direct. Many arrangements are marked “Super Easy Piano,” Very Easy Piano, or Easy Piano. These roughly correspond to Elementary, Early Elementary, and Intermediate levels, which you can read more about here. 

For beginner pianists, “You Belong With Me” in the “Super Easy” arrangement is a great choice. This iconic song from the album Fearless during Taylor’s Country Era is a tale of high school love. This version includes chord diagrams and note names to help beginner pianists successfully play the song. If you need more help with playing the intervals (skips, steps, and leaps) you can check out our Hoffman Academy piano technique tutorial here.

Are you more of an indie music lover?  For folklore fans, this “Super Easy” arrangement of “Cardigan” uses five chords and helps you practice triplet rhythms. Ready for the more advanced version? Try the “Cardigan” “Easy Piano” version of the arrangement. 

Can’t get enough Taylor Swift piano sheet music? For the stans (also known as super fans) learning to play piano, the Taylor Swift- Super Easy Songbook offers beginner pianists 30 songs from all of her eras alongside extra resources to help Swifties successfully play their favorites. This anthology from Hal Leonard features left hand chord diagrams and right hand melodies. With chord and note names included and no page turns, this is a great selection for students in Hoffman Academy units 3-6 who are ready to play chords in the left hand.  

What is the easiest Taylor Swift song to play on piano?

Swiftie, don’t worry! Many of Taylor Swift’s pop and country songs are easy to learn even for early beginners. Many of her songs use five notes and the simple I-IV-V chord progression, which you can learn in the video below. Hoffman Academy’s free reference guides can help, including Major and Minor Triads, Major and Minor Piano Scales, and our Key Signature Chart. Even if you are still struggling with note names, our Ultimate Piano Learning Essentials Packet will have you playing Taylor’s songs in no time.

As we mentioned above, the “Super Easy” Arrangements of Taylor Swift’s songs are designed for beginners. “You Belong With Me” in the “Super Easy” Arrangement is an example of a very easy Taylor Swift song on the piano. One reason we find this arrangement particularly easy to play is it uses five notes and is in the key of C Major! If you need help getting started, you can learn the notes of the C Major pentascale from our tutorial here. Similarly, we love the simple and catchy “Shake It Off” – read on below for our free Taylor Swift piano tutorial! 

Free Taylor Swift Tutorial! Learn how to play “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift on piano

For the beginner pianist who loves upbeat pop, we think our free video tutorial of “Shake It Off” is a great starting point. Empowering and upbeat, this song helped launch Taylor into the pop stratosphere. With our 13 minutes free video lesson, you’ll learn the melody, chorus, and rhythm for this 2014 dance-pop anthem. The sheet music matching this tutorial is available in Mr. Hoffman’s Popular Hits for Piano

Learn how to play “Love Story” by Taylor Swift on piano

First, purchase the correct sheet music for your level. We recommend Love Story – Very Easy for students in Early Elementary, Love Story – Easy Piano Music for students in the Elementary units, and Love Story – Right Hand Melody with Chords for more advanced beginners. 

Check out Taylor’s Version of “Love Story” for insight into the world of the song. Listening to a song a few times before you try to play it prepares you to learn successfully. You can read more about “Taylor’s Version” and her efforts to re-record and re-release her songs and regain control of her intellectual property in this article from Today.

Are you ready to enter your Fearless era? Register for our Virtual Taylor Swift Piano Camp today! You’ll learn how to play “Love Story” and more! 

Learn how to play “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift on piano

Let’s write your name in that “Blank Space!” We recommend the Super Easy Blank Space Sheet Music for beginner pianists (below Hoffman Academy Unit 6 and below) and the Blank Space Sheet Music – Melody plus Chords for advanced beginner and intermediate pianists. 

First, get to know the song well. A great way to prepare to play “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift is to listen and sing along! Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Taylor’s Version) (Lyric Video)

Feeling like a Pop Princess? Register for our Virtual Taylor Swift Piano Camp today! You’ll learn how to play “Blank Space” and “Love Story” plus a surprise song!  

Where to find Taylor Swift piano sheet music

If you have a specific single piece of sheet music in mind, you can visit Sheet Music Direct – Taylor Swift and search by song or by level. We recommend looking at samples of each piece of sheet music before you buy. That way, you can ensure that the arrangement is at a level you can play comfortably.  

For the Swiftie Stans setting out on their piano journey, there are several anthologies of Taylor Swift’s songs for piano available for purchase. For Early Elementary or beginner piano players, we mentioned Taylor Swift- Super Easy Songbook above, which includes chord diagrams and note names. For Swifties ready to play separate rhythms in the left hand and move beyond chord diagrams, 40 Taylor Swift Songs – Really Easy Piano offers a wide selection of songs for Elementary pianists, or more advanced beginners. To learn successfully with this collection, students should know how to play tied rhythms and separate left and right hand rhythms.

Another fabulous anthology for advanced beginner and intermediate piano players is the Taylor Swift Easy Piano Anthology. Featuring 26 songs arranged for easy piano accompaniment and vocals, this book has sheet music including songs from the albums Fearless, Midnights, and more. Featuring more complicated rhythms and independent left and right hand parts, this collection of Taylor Swift’s piano music is great for students beyond Hoffman Academy Unit 6. 

Intermediate and advanced pianists may want to purchase Taylor’s albums of sheet music for piano, guitar, and voice. For the cottage-core era lovers, the folklore Piano Songbook and evermore Piano Songbook have every song on the albums as recorded by Taylor. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collected resources of Taylor Swift piano sheet music and have lots of new pieces to try! If you’re ready to start on your Taylor Swift journey, try our free “Blank Space” piano tutorial. And if you’ve got at least 3 years of piano experience, be sure to register for our Taylor Swift virtual piano camp – sign up here!  

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