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Summer Time Practice Time

Having a hard time keeping up with piano practice during summer break? Here are five tips for maintaining a piano practice routine when other routines change:

Choose a regular practice time

The practice time that worked best during the school year might not be the best time during the summer. With your child, choose a time that won’t conflict with other summer activities, a time when both of you can focus on piano practice.

Early is best

Try and schedule piano practice for early in the day. First thing in the morning, before friends come over, or it’s time to head to the pool, that’s the best. If you save piano practice for later, it might be forgotten in the busy fun of the day.

Be flexible

With vacations, summer camps, and other away-from-home adventures, your child might not have access to a piano or keyboard every day. When there is a piano available, do your best to keep up with the practice routine. If your regular time doesn’t work one day, try to remember to practice later in the day. If you miss a day of practice, get back to it as soon as possible. The longer your child goes without daily practice, the more catch-up time will be needed later.

Keep it Positive

Even though it is important to keep practicing the piano during the summer, don’t scold or threaten your child into doing it. Piano practice should be something enjoyable. Invite your child to join you for practice time, keep practice sessions short, and use practice games to keep your child engaged. Read “How to Make Piano Practice Fun” for more ideas. Outside of regular practice time, encourage your child to just have fun at the keyboard with creative musical play, and let them know how delighted you are any time they choose to make music.

Summer Piano Practice Program

Just like libraries often have summer reading programs with special incentives for kids who read a certain number of books, you can set up a summer piano practice program with incentives for your child to complete days of piano practice. Print out a Hoffman Academy Practice Chart, use it to track practice sessions, and plan a special summer outing together as a reward for completing a certain number of days of good piano practice.

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