Solfege hand signs video

How To: Solfège Hand Signs

Did you know that there are solfège hand signs? It’s true! They’re real, and they’re super useful. Don’t know whats solfège is? Take a quick minute to check out this Introduction to Solfège or our more in-depth discussion on why we teach solfège to all Hoffman Academy students.

Learn Your Solfège Hand Signs

In this week’s video, Hoffman Academy teacher Stephanie will take you through the major scale in solfège, introducing you to the hand signs. You’ll also get some helpful hints to remember which hand signs accompany each syllable.

The hand signs may seem funny, but there’s a real purpose to them. For one, they provide a visual aid during singing exercises. The distance between them is also a good example of the size of the interval they represent.

If you want to learn more about using solfège, check out Hoffman Academy Lesson 13, Chocolate. If you want to keep up to date on the latest video lessons and tutorials from Hoffman Academy, create a free account to join our mailing list.

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