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By Hoffman Academy Team
Rhythm flash cards

All levels

Print out these rhythm cards on cardstock for best results. We like to keep them in an accordion file marked with each symbol.

  • Use the heartbeat mat with the rhythm cards to dictate songs along with Mr. Hoffman in the lesson videos.
  • Use the cards to compose various rhythms with the heartbeat mats. Practice tapping or clapping and saying your composition.
  • When playing a difficult passage in your music, try dictating it on the heartbeat mat with your teacher or parent for extra practice.

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Suggested Games

King of the Mountain – 2+ Players

Each player receives two rhythm flashcards to be placed face up in front of them.
We are a team of mountaineers working to get to the top of a mountain. We get there by taking turns clapping and saying the rhythm correctly, in time with the beat, while the rest of the group makes a steady beat on the floor or lap.

When all cards have been performed correctly, we get to the top of the mountain!
Whenever someone makes a mistake, the whole team falls to the bottom of the mountain and we start all over again. Mistakes are what make this game fun.

Giant Rhythm Board Game – 2+ Players

Need: 1 traditional die and game pieces such as small figures or coins
Lay out the rhythm flashcards face-up in a “path” on the floor.
Each player takes a turn rolling the die. The player moves the game piece according to the die and performs the rhythm on the flashcard where he or she lands. If the player performs the rhythm correctly, they may stay on the card. If not, they return to their last position.
The first player to finish the path wins.

Get your rhythm cards and start playing and learning now!

Download Rhythm Cards

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