Pineapple Matching Game

By Hoffman Academy Team
Pineapple Flash Cards

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If you like pina-coladas, you’ll love to play this fun matching puzzle! It’s great for reviewing the note names and locations on the staff and on the keyboard.

Levels: Preparatory to Elementary

Number of players: 1 or more (can be used for large groups)

Time: 3-5 minutes

Description: Fun, lighthearted game to play at any time, especially summer. Cut all cards and scatter over the floor, face up. Build the pineapple from the top down. Great review game, or even introduction game. You can use the cheat sheet if needed! Can be used in large and small groups if you print enough copies.

Challenge 1: Complete in under 2 minutes.

Challenge 2: Leave them all face down, and make it a memory game, flipping two over at a time.

Challenge 3: Find each note in three different places on the piano.

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