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Piano Duets for Beginners and Intermediate Pianists

By Jesse Preis
Piano duets for beginners & intermediate pianists.

Learn all about piano duets and discover an array of piano duet options to play

Playing a duet at the piano with a friend or loved one is a really special and exciting experience. Whether you are a seasoned pianist or a beginner, exploring piano duets will not only enhance your musical skills but also provide a unique opportunity to collaborate and create beautiful music with a partner.  

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What are piano duets?

Piano duets are written for two pianists who sit together at one piano, with one player playing the higher register of the piano and the other playing the lower register. Since most pianists don’t often get the opportunity to play in ensembles, piano duets are great for practicing coordination and musicianship between two different pianists. 

When researching piano duets you may run across another type of piece called a piano duo. Even though this term sounds very similar to piano duet, a piano duo is intended for two pianists sitting at two different pianos. These types of pieces allow for more intricate textures and harmonies because each pianist has access to an entire piano keyboard.

What are some pop hits that are piano duets?

No matter what style of music you’re excited about playing, you are most likely to find a duet version of that piece. Some famous popular hits that have been performed as duets are listed below:

You can find some of these duets and many others on Sheet Music Direct.

Easy piano duets

Here are some of our recommendations for collections that contain easy duets. You can find many of these books online and/or at your local music store! With all of these websites, make sure to start with the collections that contain the lowest numbers or say “Easy” for easier duets before trying the higher number or more challenging collections.

  • Christopher Norton is an extremely influential and prolific jazz composer and pianist. He has written duets and solos that are appropriate for all ages and levels of pianists. Check out fun and funky duets written by him which are included in collections such as Christopher Norton’s MicroJazz by clicking here. For easier duets, try MicroJazz books 1 and 2.
    • Check out this cool and easy Christopher Norton duet called “I’m First!” from MicroJazz book 1.

  • Here’s another called “Spring Day” from MicroJazz book 1.

  • The publishing company Alfred Music has not only provided millions of musicians with a musical education through their Alfred’s Basic Piano Library method series, but they also publish collections that include duets appropriate for all ages and skill levels. One famous composer that writes fun duets for students is Melody Bober. You can check out duets by her and other composers at Alfred Music’s website
    • Check out this early elementary duet by Melody Bober called “Race Car Boogie.”

  • Check out more fun duets from the creators of the Faber and Faber method here. These include Christmas music duets and other original compositions that you can enjoy! For easier duets, look for pieces or collections that say early or late elementary.
    • Here’s an easy duet by Nancy Faber called “Happiness Runs” (which you can find at the link above).

  • You can find and purchase fun and easy duet collections, some of which include pop songs and Disney film music, by browsing the Hal Leonard Piano Duets Collection here

Intermediate piano duets

Here are some of our recommendations for collections that contain intermediate level duets. Many of these collections can also be found online and/or at your local music store! 

  • Christopher Norton also has more challenging and intermediate level duets, which can be found here
    • Check out this intermediate Christopher Norton duet called “Meditation” from MicroJazz book 3.

  • Here’s another called “Springboard” from MicroJazz book 3.

  • A lot of great intermediate duets by Melody Bober and other composers like her can be found on the Alfred Music website
    • Check out this intermediate duet by Melody Bober called “Race Car Boogie”.

  • The Faber and Faber method includes intermediate duets too, which can be found here.
  • You can also find and purchase fun and intermediate duet collections, some of which include pop songs and Disney film music here

We hope you’ve enjoyed your exploration of piano duets! We encourage you to check out these resources and wish you many joyful days of making music at the piano.

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