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Summer Sale: Save $30 on Yearly Premium!

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Offer ends June 30th.


Singing for Musical Development

Music holds a unique place in the human brain. Howard Gardner, the psychologist who created the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, named music as one of eight distinct kinds of intelligence. But far from being confined to just one region of the brain, music appears to have a special way of putting the brain in high… Continue Reading

Piano Unit 8 Is Here!

It has been so much fun working on Hoffman Academy Piano Unit 8. Our Hoffman Academy team has pulled together like never before to bring you a new series of 20 lessons that will really take your piano skills up to the next level. The first ten video lessons are available to watch now, and… Continue Reading

2.0 Update by Graphic Designer Nhung Duong

Hello Hoffman Academy supporters! My name is Nhung and I’m the graphic designer here at the Academy. I create things for both print and web, and I do everything from the layouts and the fonts to the images and illustrations. What I’m Working On I am currently developing the structure of our new website. We’re… Continue Reading

Hold Back on Over-Helping

As parents, when we see a child struggling with something we often want to save them, to rescue them from their struggles. What we have to keep in mind is that sometimes the struggling is where the learning is happening. We need to learn when to help and when not to help.   When to… Continue Reading

Hoffman Academy 2.0 Update – August 2016

  Hi, everyone! I’m Patrik Csak, Front-End Developer & UX Designer at Hoffman Academy. I came to Hoffman Academy as a piano teacher in 2011. In early 2013, Joseph told me he had a website called FreePianoLessons4Kids, which had a growing audience and lots of potential. I had some graphic design experience, so Joseph brought… Continue Reading

Purposeful Feedback

Feedback is everywhere. It comes from everything we interact with, all the time. Feedback is really anything that happens during or right after you do something. You do something, and something happens. Press a piano key, a note sounds. That’s feedback! The piano isn’t trying to teach you anything, but it did, simply by reacting… Continue Reading

Finding Music Your Child Will Love to Learn

An important part of becoming an independent musician is learning how to find music to learn on your own. Choosing something you will enjoy learning and enjoy performing will keep your enthusiasm up and your skills growing long after formal lessons are over. Here’s how to get your child started on choosing their own music.… Continue Reading

2.0 Update by Software Engineer James Hoffman

I was just a little kid when my older brother, Joseph, wrote me a computer game. It was a very simple 2-player game made to mimic the light cycle battles from the 1982 Disney film, Tron. It wasn’t much, but at the time I thought it was the greatest computer game I’d ever played, and… Continue Reading