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Why Online Music Classes for Kids are So Important

By Claire Robertson
Online Music Classes for Kids.

Discover why online music classes for kids are so helpful in development.

Learning music provides kids a lifelong foundation for success in school and enjoyment in life! The benefits of online music class, like in-person music classes, include improved academic performance and a sense of accomplishment for students. 

Traditional music classes provide a place for kids to learn, experiment, and grow confident when performing in front of others. Incorporating piano lessons into a child’s educational plan inspires their curiosity and develops their fine motor skills. The study of music also builds character by uniting the creativity of playing with the discipline of practicing. Music classes encourage students to follow through with their commitments and mature as individuals. 

Online music classes for kids offer many of the same benefits as in-person classes. Students develop practical skills, including time management and overcoming difficult subjects. Online learning provides students with an accessible and cost-effective option to learn a musical instrument and take part in the many benefits of online musical classes. At Hoffman Academy, our goal is to make piano lessons accessible to more families by removing obstacles that prevent families from taking advantage of learning music.

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Can kids learn music online?

At Hoffman Academy, we believe the answer is yes! Hoffman Academy’s founder, Joseph Hoffman, studied both child development and piano pedagogy to create our comprehensive online piano curriculum. Rooted in early child development and learning theory, the Hoffman Method offers a multi-sensory approach that engages students while providing a high level of musical proficiency. Music classes with Mr. Hoffman will quickly become the highlight of your learner’s day! 

Providing an engaging option for online music classes forms a key part of student success. At Hoffman Academy, our online piano lessons are interactive, engaging, and fun! Kids start playing music by ear to build a strong foundation of musical understanding. Students learn by experiencing, rather than through lectures. Our music classes also teach students tools like sight reading and the ability to learn music by ear from the very beginning.

By taking online music classes, you can maximize your family’s busy schedule without making a large financial commitment to additional tutoring. Learning music online enables you to make lessons happen at the time and frequency that is right for you. Without the added hassle of a commute to a music studio, online music lessons provide an flexible way to learn piano.

At Hoffman Academy, our online app provides a fun and easy way for students to learn music theory online. An online environment provides opportunities like apps and games that give immediate feedback as you practice note names or intervals. Our web-based app harnesses the power of technology through video examples that teach music theory and proper piano techniques.

What is a good age for a child to start music lessons?

The best age for children to start learning music lessons is based on their personal development. Every child is unique! At Hoffman Academy, we find that most students will be ready to begin between ages five and eight. If your child is not ready to focus on the screen for an online program, a preschool music program, like Kindermusik, Music Together, and Musikgarten can provide your child with a good musical foundation!  

The three main criteria for a child to start music lessons include the size and strength of their hands, the independence of their fingers, and their interest in learning to play the piano. A young pianist should be able to put each finger on five adjacent white keys on the keyboard. Before beginning piano lessons, children also need to be able to move individual fingers. You can practice this with your child at home – try waving one finger at a time at one another! With an ear-based training program, like Hoffman Academy or Simply Music, kids do not have to be strong readers yet – and music can be a great incentive to practice reading!

Some children between the ages of three to five are already wanting to play piano, especially if an older sibling plays! You can learn more about Mr. Hoffman’s method for teaching piano to toddlers and preschoolers here. But for those kids who just aren’t ready yet, you can still encourage that love of music! Singing, dancing, clapping along to the beat, and listening to music will foster the development of rhythm and fine motor skills in young children and prepare them for more structured music learning later in life.

How often should kids take music lessons?

Traditionally, music lessons for kids typically happen once a week. At Hoffman Academy, a common learning cadence for students might be two online lessons a week with practice sessions on the other 5 days. However, an essential key for student success is acknowledging that each student learns at their own pace. As soon as you’re comfortable with the material in one lesson, move on to the next. With online classes, your student won’t be bored because it’s too slow, or getting frustrated because it’s too fast; you can rewatch any video as many times as you need. 

Which are the best online music classes for kids?

The best online music class is the one that keeps your student engaged and motivated! At Hoffman Academy, we think our method provides the best option for students looking to become well-rounded musicians! All of our Hoffman Academy video lessons are available for free. We do offer a Premium membership, which comes with printable sheet music, audio tracks, practice instructions, online learning games, and more. Simply Music is another online platform in “playing-based” music learning. For a larger group of students, QuaverMusic’s fully customizable paid online program provides access to a dedicated musical teacher to facilitate group learning online. 

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