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20 Fun Music Worksheets for Kids

By Rebecca Carlson
Music worksheets for kids.

Are you looking for a fun way to practice music concepts? Hoffman Academy offers a variety of colorful music worksheets for beginning through intermediate levels, with both free and pay-to-download options. All of our music worksheets are FREE for Hoffman Academy Premium members.

Hoffman Academy is the BEST way for kids to learn music! With 300+ video tutorials, free access to our entire store of sheet music, lesson books, worksheets, and music reference charts, plus exciting online games to build music skills, try Hoffman Academy Premium today!

Preschool music worksheets

At the preschool stage, music is best learned by experience. Listening, singing, dancing, and playing simple rhythm instruments and clapping games will develop musical awareness as a foundation for later music learning. Musical instruments, solfege hand symbols, and letters of the musical alphabet can be introduced at this stage, but preschool is mostly a time to explore and enjoy the sound of music.

Use these sets of colorful flashcards to introduce preschoolers to some key musical concepts.

Solfège Flashcards FREE

Music Alphabet Cards FREE

Music Alphabet Snowflake Cards FREE

Music Alphabet Leaf Cards FREE

Instrument Flash Cards Premium membership or $1.99 to download

Music worksheets for kindergarten

In kindergarten, children start learning to read and write. It’s a good time for them to start learning the basics of music notation as well. Once children can write the letters of the alphabet, they can do simple music worksheets, like the ones in our Under the Sea Packet for Units 1-2. In this ocean-themed packet, students will identify whether a note is on a line or a space, practice naming notes on the piano keyboard, and write the letters of the musical alphabet in order.

Remember that young children develop different skills at different times. Doing music worksheets should be a fun and challenging experience. If your child seems frustrated, set the activity aside and try again in a few months.

Elementary music worksheets 

Hoffman Academy has a large library of music worksheets for elementary music students. Each of our packets comes in three different levels from beginning through elementary. Packets are themed by different holidays or areas of interest, and use activities like matching, fill-in-the-blank, coloring, crossword puzzles, word searches, and more to reinforce music concepts.

All of our packets are available in the Hoffman Academy Store. They’re free to download for Premium members, or can be purchased for $2.99.

Around the World



Under the Sea

Valentine’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day


Earth Day

Fourth of July




Music notes worksheet

Practice naming all the notes on the grand staff with our Note Finder Activity! This fantastic set of worksheets gives students twelve pages of practice with note names. It’s designed to help students create a mental map of the musical staff by teaching guide notes and intervals. You can also print these worksheets on cardstock and laminate them so that students can reuse them over and over again. This packet is a free download for Premium members, and can also be purchased for only $1.99.

You can also use our free Grand Staff Guide as a handy reference to all the notes on the Grand Staff.

Free music theory worksheets and activities

Hoffman Academy offers several of our music learning resources absolutely free to everyone. Use our matching games to practice notes and rhythms:

Pineapple Matching GameMatch letter names, staff positions, and keyboard positions for each note on the treble and bass staff.

Candy Corn Matching GameReady for the next level? This note matching game practices sharps, flats, and natural notes on both the treble and bass staff.

Pumpkin Rhythm GamePractice rhythm notation with whole, dotted half, half, quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes, plus whole, half, and quarter note rests. See how many different ways you can combine these rhythms to produce a certain number of beats.

Use this free blank keyboard and staff paper to take notes, create lesson assignments, and compose your own music:

Blank Keyboard Worksheet – Black and White

Blank Keyboard Worksheet – Gray and White

Printable Staff Paper

Learn all about triplets with our packet of Triplet Theory Pages:

Triplets Theory Pages

Other free music resources from Hoffman Academy

The Hoffman Academy store offers lots of free charts and guides to enhance your music learning. All of these resources are free to download for everyone!

Ultimate Piano Learning Essentials Packet contains alphabet flashcards, Grand Staff Guide, Major Scales Fingering, Piano Parent Guide, Piano Key Flashcards, Piano Posture Checklist, Rhythm Words Guide, and Solfege Handsign Reference Sheet.

Major and Minor Piano Scales Guide – a complete colorful guide to every note on the keyboard in every major and minor scale.

The Ultimate Piano Chord Chart – find at a glance almost any chord you’ll come across in jazz, pop, gospel, blues, and more! Twelve chords for every chromatic pitch, 144 in all, each with a keyboard graphic for easy reference.

We hope you enjoy learning music with our Hoffman Academy Music Worksheets! If you’d like access to all of our Hoffman Academy materials, including lesson books, theory worksheets, online games, and hundreds of piano pieces for beginning through advanced pianists, try Hoffman Academy Premium today!

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