Music Theory

Video: What Is Solfège?

By Hoffman Academy Team
what is solfege

What is solfege? Even if you don’t know what solfege (or “solfège”) means, you might know the concept. In the video below, Hoffman Academy instructor Stephanie gives a one-minute introduction to the music term solfège.

So what is solfège exactly? It’s a way of learning and sharing music that uses syllables like Do, Re and Mi to represent each note in a scale. Every note in the scale has a certain function in the scale and a certain syllable that goes with it. Learning solfège helps you know what each note’s job is. As a student, you can use solfège to help with your sightreading and in learning music theory. Instead of listening for the names of notes – like A and C#, you can listen for the intervals between the notes to learn a melody. Once you know a piece of music in solfège, you can learn to quickly transpose it to any key. Learning solfège takes time, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to learn more about using solfège, check out Hoffman Academy lesson 13, Chocolate. Want to know more about why we teach solfège to every student, here is an awesome post from Mr. Hoffman.

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