Learn How to Get Piano Lessons at Home on Your Schedule

By Hannah Kendall
How to get piano lessons at home on your own schedule with Hoffman Academy.

Wondering how to fit piano lessons into your life and budget? We have some recommendations for you on how to get piano lessons.

It might seem difficult to figure out how to get piano lessons, but the solution can be quite simple! First, it’s important to figure out what kind of lessons are best suited for your lifestyle. Maybe you’d like to find an in-person piano teacher. Or perhaps the flexibility of online learning is appealing to you. Whether through virtual lessons or self-paced free piano lessons online, it’s possible to find lessons that meet your needs. No matter how you choose to learn piano, this article explores the different ways piano lessons can fit into your routine and budget. 

How much are piano lessons?

Piano lesson costs can vary. It depends on the instructor, length of lessons, and location. Private in-person piano lessons usually cost between $40-100 per hour. Group piano lessons often range from $30-50 an hour. 

The most affordable way to learn piano is online. Costs of online piano lessons range from free to paying monthly fees for access to resources. Online learning can happen two ways: either through a 1-on-1 virtual lesson over video call or by self-paced lessons. With virtual lessons, the instructor prepares weekly lessons and makes corrections to the student’s technique whenever needed. With self-paced lessons, there’s the freedom of learning on one’s own time and pace.  Both are certainly different from in-person instruction, but with the right resources online learning can be just as effective. Plus, with online learning, not only can you learn in your pajamas, you can learn on your own time!

Where to look for piano lessons

Research local piano studios or academies near you. Most cities and towns have established piano studios, so shop around to see what feels right. Our very own Hoffman Academy is based out of Portland, Oregon. If you’re local, don’t be afraid to stop by and see what we’re about!

Another way to find piano lessons is to call your local music store and ask if they offer piano lessons. Most music stores do! Local churches are another under-utilized place to find piano teachers. Contact a couple local churches and see if their music directors or anyone in the congregation teaches piano. 

How can I learn piano for free?

Yes! Hoffman Academy offers over 300 free video lessons for both kids and adults. The founder of the academy, Joseph Hoffman, has over 20 years of piano teaching experience with advanced degrees in both piano pedagogy and early childhood education. In his first video tutorial, Mr. Hoffman begins by teaching Hot Cross Buns.The tutorials gradually increase in difficulty over the course of 16 units as Mr. Hoffman guides students through sight reading, technique, music theory, improvisation, and more. By unit 16, students are learning Beethoven Sonatinas and how to create chord progressions for their own compositions. 

Alongside Hoffman Academy, there are other free piano channels like Creative Piano Academy and Piano Lessons on the Web. Each channel offers detailed video lessons organized into playlists that cover topics like how to improvise, proper technique, or how to play scales. 

How do I begin piano lessons?

If you’ve decided to find an in-person piano teacher, start by talking to a couple different piano teachers to get an idea of their methods and how they teach. Don’t be afraid to ask about their teaching philosophy and studio policies. Every piano teacher has a different approach and some may work for you and others may not. It’s not only important to find an experienced teacher but also a teacher you enjoy. After a couple months of lessons, be sure to check in with yourself about whether or not you have found the right teacher. There’s no need to continue lessons with a teacher you dread seeing!

If online learning feels like a better option, try exploring Hoffman Academy’s free online piano resources. Be prepared to set aside time for piano on a regular basis. Music learning works best if you find a consistent daily time to practice or view new piano lessons. Don’t forget to set aside time where you don’t learn anything new and just play! Have fun and be curious about the instrument. Think of the piano as a playground, just waiting to be explored. 

How to get better at piano without lessons

Learning the piano is like building a relationship with a new friend. New relationships take time to develop. The more time and effort you invest, the stronger the relationship will be. Whether learning with a teacher or on your own, start forming the habit of returning to the piano day after day. 

It’s important to have a healthy relationship with practicing. Don’t try to take on too much, and don’t guilt yourself for not practicing hard or long enough. Be patient and trust the process. With time, your skills will develop. Dive deeper into piano practice with these 5 tips for a successful practice session. 

Whether you have a teacher or are learning on your own, it can be hard to stay motivated to learn and practice the piano. Hoffman Academy is designed to help students track their progress so that when a student logs on to their account, they are always taken to their next lesson.

For those who want to dive deeper into Hoffman Academy online lessons, a premium membership offers practice plans, interactive games, sheet music, printable resources, and audio tracks with each lesson. You’ll know exactly what to practice and can check it off upon completion. 

Piano lessons come in all shapes and sizes. In-person, online, or self-paced, piano lessons can fit all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. If you’re interested in how to get piano lessons effectively, figure out how you learn best and explore different ways to learn piano. Have fun and get practicing!

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