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Intermediate Piano Sheet Music

By Jesse Preis
Intermediate piano sheet music from Hoffman Academy - free and premium options.

Discover an array of intermediate piano sheet music from the Hoffman Academy Store

Are you or a family member an intermediate level pianist looking for a new piece to play? At Hoffman Academy we have many recommendations for free sheet music along with some premium options available in our online store! Discover intermediate piano sheet music in the store now!

What level is an intermediate piano player?

An intermediate pianist is someone who:

  • has completed the beginning levels of learning the piano
  • is able to sight read simple melodies
  • can use their ear to figure out simple melodies
  • knows and can play chords like I, V7, and IV
  • has mastered all major and minor pentascales and can play using several different keys
  • can play with both hands simultaneously

Using Hoffman Academy units as a guide, an intermediate student would typically be a student who is in Unit 12 through Unit 18.

What are intermediate piano pieces?

Intermediate piano pieces require a certain amount of internalized musical knowledge and a proficient command of the instrument in order to perform at a high quality. These skills and knowledge are learned and perfected in the early (beginner) units of the Hoffman Academy curriculum. These units are Units 1-11. 

In intermediate piano pieces, you will recognize scales, chords, and other finger exercises that you learned in the early units. You will notice many different keys that you learned to play in as well. At first,  intermediate pieces may seem challenging, but don’t worry. The knowledge that you gained in the first eleven units will prepare you to learn these more challenging pieces. With practice, you will be able to perform them just like any other music you’ve already learned.

Where can a piano player get intermediate piano sheet music?

Some pieces on the Hoffman Academy website are free to all members. Many additional downloads are included with premium membership, so if you are a premium member of Hoffman Academy, you can download these pieces for free as well! If you are not a premium member and would still like to purchase one or more of these pieces, they are available for a small fee.

Whether you are purchasing sheet music or looking for free sheet music there are lots of options, such as websites that sell sheet music for download, or visiting your local music store. One option is to use the Hoffman Academy Store! On our store’s website, we offer intermediate level pieces such as the famous “Für Elise”, “Autumn Moon”, and an intermediate version of “Clair de lune”. Read on to see a list of intermediate level sheet music available on the Hoffman Academy website!

If you’d rather purchase a book that includes intermediate level pieces, check out Unit books 12-18. These books don’t just come with intermediate level piano pieces, but also come with exercises and learning materials so that you can continue expanding your skills as a pianist!

More options for intermediate sheet music

If you are looking for options that are not available on the Hoffman Academy store, you can also find free sheet music on IMSLP (International Music Score Library Project) as long as the music is under public domain. When a piece of music is in the public domain, that means it isn’t under copyright protection. Anyone can copy it and distribute it for free. On the other hand, if a piece is under copyright protection, it’s very important to pay for that music in a way that supports the original creators. If you’re looking for a song that’s been written recently, is a good source for purchasing music that is under copyright. 

Examples of classical piano sheet music for intermediate players

Below is a list of music that you can find on the Hoffman Academy store website. Before you download them, listen to the recordings below to get an idea of what they sound like!

Check out more intermediate piano sheet music available online at the Hoffman Academy store.

Now that you have a list of options for intermediate piano pieces that you can learn, we at Hoffman Academy wish you many enjoyable hours of music making as you choose and perfect your favorite pieces. Have a wonderful day and happy playing!

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