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Free Printable Sheet Music for Piano Learners

By Rebecca Carlson
Free Printable Sheet Music for piano learners

Explore our free printable music sheets for kids

Do you have a young piano student looking for a new song to learn? We’ve got you covered. Hoffman Academy has a collection of beautifully arranged folk songs and classical tunes for everyone from the earliest beginner through late intermediate level piano players. You can download the FREE printable sheet music for all of the songs in this article from the Hoffman Academy store.

If you want free printable sheet music geared toward older pianists, check out our list of Free Beginner Piano Sheet Music for Adults.

Free printable sheet music for piano: Early elementary level

Children love learning familiar tunes on the piano! Here’s a list of children’s songs and folk tunes that even beginning pianists can learn to play. The sheet music for each one of these songs is available as a free download from the Hoffman Academy Store.


Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

London Bridge

Old MacDonald

Jingle Bells

A great way to build your piano skills is to try playing these songs while singing. Singing a song as you play will help improve your sense of rhythm and melody, and increase your coordination. For an even bigger challenge, try playing one of these songs while someone else is singing with you!

To explore even more free sheet music, visit the sheet music section of our store. On the left sidebar you’ll see a toggle, “Show Free Downloads Only,” which is set to “on.” You can use the expandable menu on the sidebar to filter results by level, composer, key, tempo, time signature, and more.

Free printable sheet music for piano: Elementary level

Elementary level pianists will have been playing piano for about a year. They can play with both hands together, change hand positions, and they’re starting to use simple chords. They’ll be in Hoffman Academy units 5-8, and will be ready for more challenging songs. Here are a few of our favorite free sheet music downloads for elementary level piano:

Happy Birthday to You

This classic song will be fun to play and sing any time someone you know is celebrating their special day! Did you know that it was originally composed to be a greeting song at a children’s school? The original lyrics were “Good morning to you.” When a child had a birthday, they’d sing the “Happy Birthday to You” lyrics. The birthday version of the song caught on and became popular all over the world!

In the Hall of the Mountain King

You may have heard this famous tune before. It’s a spooky, suspenseful melody that’s fun to play at Halloween time. It’s from a classical work called the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg, which tells the story of a man who visits a magical, mysterious underground kingdom inhabited by gnomes.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Celebrate the holidays with this popular Christmas song from England. It comes from an old tradition in which people would go from house to house, singing songs and performing plays at Christmas time. At each house they would receive gifts of money, drinks, and maybe even some “figgy pudding.” Enjoy playing this song while your friends and family sing along.

Free printable sheet music for piano: Late elementary level

Late Elementary piano students have usually been studying piano for about two years. They’re starting to play one-octave scales, learn songs with simple key signatures, and try out time signatures with compound meters like ⅜ and 6/8. Students in Hoffman Academy units 9-11 are at the Late Elementary level. Here are a few free sheet music downloads for Late Elementary piano:

Amazing Grace

This beloved hymn was written by John Newton in the 18th century. It reflects his spiritual journey from being a slave trader to becoming a devout Christian and abolitionist. Its message of redemption and forgiveness continues to inspire people all over the world today.

The Galway Piper

This lively Irish folk tune is a favorite for St. Patrick’s Day. The song’s lyrics celebrate a legendary bagpiper, Piping Tim of Galway, who “can move you fast or slow, touch your hearts or stir your toe.” Get ready to kick up your heels when you learn this song.

 What Child is This (Greensleeves)

This traditional tune from England is often heard with the lyrics to the popular Christmas carol,
“What Child is This.” It’s a haunting melody that uses a melodic minor scale, which means that sometimes the sixth and seventh tones are raised from the natural minor by a half step. This gives the music an almost magical quality, and has helped to make “Greensleeves” a beloved tune for many centuries.

Free printable sheet music for piano: Late intermediate level

Piano students at the late intermediate level have usually been playing for three or more years. They can play four-note chords and advanced key signatures, are comfortable using the damper pedal, and they know their scales and arpeggios. Late intermediate students are ready to play more challenging pieces, like this arrangement of Vivaldi’s “La Primavera.”

La Primavera (Spring)

This energetic piece was originally composed as a violin concerto. It paints a cheerful picture of springtime. It’s from Vivaldi’s work, The Four Seasons, one of the first pieces of classical music in which instruments were used to imitate the sounds of nature. As you play it, see if you can imagine a flowing stream, singing birds, bright sunshine, and spring flowers. 

If you’re interested in more options for both free printable sheet music and paid downloads for sheet music for intermediate students, check out our list here.

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