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Free Piano Lessons for Beginners: A Gift of Music for Everyone

By Emily Strenger
Free Piano Lessons for Beginners: A Gift of Music for Everyone

Start playing piano with the help of our 300+ free piano lessons for beginners

Want to learn to play the piano, but don’t know where to start? We have you covered! There are many options for free piano lessons for beginners online, including Hoffman Academy. What makes a good online piano lesson? Are there truly free piano lessons for beginners available out there? How do I pick the right online lessons for me? 

Let’s answer these questions!

How to learn music at home

Taking lessons with a professional piano teacher isn’t the only way to learn anymore! Most online piano lesson options are actually designed by professional, experienced teachers, making them an excellent alternative or supplement to live, in-person lessons. 

A good piano lesson curriculum online doesn’t just teach songs. Rather, it should: 

  • teach musical literacy – including reading, writing, improvising, and ear training
  • use a variety of approaches for learning, including learning by ear
  • break down songs and concepts to make them easier to understand 
  • teach proper technique
  • empower the learner to learn and create music on their own

Finally, any program for learning music online should be fun. You should want to come back again and again to learn more. 

Can I really learn piano without a live teacher? 

One of the main things people feel they miss out on with piano lessons online is having a teacher to guide them. With Hoffman Academy, you’ll have one of the best teachers around to guide you in every video. Mr. Hoffman has been called the “Mr. Rogers of piano” for his friendly, engaging, and supportive teaching style that brings a sense of interaction, silliness, and fun to each lesson. Come for the thorough piano instruction and stay for the adorable finger puppet shows at the end of each video!

Can I learn piano online for free?

You can certainly learn piano online for free! There are more options than ever for free piano lessons for beginners online, from tutorials on how to play single songs to advice from professional pianists. However, when it comes to a complete curriculum, many programs will offer a few free lesson videos and have you pay for the rest.  

At Hoffman Academy, every one of our 300+ piano lesson videos are FREE, and we’re adding more all the time. Not only do we have free online piano lessons, they’re organized to give you a full, comprehensive music education. Our piano lesson videos teach more than just songs; you’ll learn the building blocks of music, proper piano technique, and even how to create your own songs. 

Want to take the experience a step further? Our affordable Premium Membership gives you access to guided practice sessions, online music games, and countless downloads. Or you can purchase sheet music and other resources from our store at your convenience! 

How can I get piano lessons for free?

You can find all of our free piano lessons here on the website, or on our YouTube channel. YouTube is also an excellent resource for other free piano lessons online, especially if you just want to learn a specific song. 

What is the best app to learn how to play the piano for free?

Ultimately, which app or method works best for you depends on your goals. We’ve looked at some of the top apps here, from programs that teach single songs to ones that monitor your progress and even tell you when you’re playing a wrong note. Most are aimed at adult learners and range from giving a basic overview of how to play to giving in-depth explanations of musical concepts.

When it comes to comprehensive, easy-to-follow, and thorough instruction, Hoffman Academy is one of the best free piano lesson apps for beginners. In addition to our 300+ free piano lesson videos, we have online games, guided practice sessions, and downloadable materials to enhance your progress. 

Do I need to buy a piano for piano lessons?

It definitely helps to have an acoustic or digital piano for practicing, and especially when you’re learning from home! Because piano lessons online rely on demonstration, you’ll want to be able to watch them with your instrument nearby. That way, you’re ready to try out what’s being shown to you in real time. We have a guide to buying pianos for beginners to help you find your first piano. 

What should a piano beginner learn first?

Many “traditional” methods emphasize reading music right at the start. While there are merits to that, the Hoffman Method takes a more holistic, immersive approach in our free piano lessons for beginners. Much like when learning a language, we begin with how music is primarily experienced: through the ear. Learn more about our comprehensive method and approach here, and then we’ll help you figure out where to begin with your online piano lessons.

What is a good first piano song to learn?

It depends on what your goal is. If you just want to learn a couple of familiar songs, then go with what motivates you the most and find a tutorial. If, however, you want to be able to understand how music works and how to learn it, or you’re a fresh beginner looking for a course of study, then a good first song is one that sets you up to learn more in the future. Our first song, “Hot Cross Buns,” is easy enough to learn quickly while introducing various musical concepts like rhythm, solfege, the musical alphabet, phrases, how to name and identify piano keys, and more. Check out our lesson page to see what each song and video will teach you! 

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