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5 Easy Piano Pop Songs To Learn This Summer

By Hoffman Academy Team
Easy pop songs on piano to learn.

Discover our video lessons for these easy pop songs on piano

You’ve spent all year practicing piano, working on curriculum, and learning the skills you need to become a better piano player. Phew!

Now that summer’s here, we’ve got an idea for you: Try playing some music that really gets you going! These songs to learn on piano should be ones you love to listen to, the stuff you find really fun. We’re talking about music that you enjoy on a personal level. The music you’d put on when you want to dance around the living room.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? With so many great songs to learn on piano to choose from, how do you pick?

That’s where we come in! We’ve put together our top recommendations of easy pop songs on piano for some really fun summer music playing. The best part? Each one of these popular piano songs has a great in-depth lesson from Mr. Hoffman, so students of any skill level can start playing pop songs this summer. To learn more about the difference between classical and pop music, and why you should be learning how to play both, check out this blog post.

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Pop songs to play on the piano: This Is Me

Learn to play the chorus from this incredibly fun and catchy hit song from The Greatest Showman. In this easy, step-by-step tutorial, you’ll learn the chorus melody with your right hand and a simple bass line in the left hand.

Did you know that this song was written on an airplane? The composer and songwriter duo, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, were on a long flight between New York and Los Angeles. They knew they needed a new song for the musical they were working on, and they had to have it ready for recording in just a few days. So, Justin Paul brought a miniature piano keyboard on the plane. He would compose a few lines of music, then email them to Benj Pasek, who was typing out lyrics on his laptop. By the time they landed, the song was almost finished. Think about that the next time you get bored on an airplane! Maybe you could be writing a song instead.

Popular piano songs to play: Firework

Spark some excitement in your piano playing this summer as you and Mr. Hoffman play Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Once you learn the melody, move onto the second video and add chords with your left hand.

This hit is an easy popular song to play on the piano and has a fantastic message about believing in yourself. We hope it reminds you that even if you get discouraged, there’s a light inside of you that you can share with others.

Pop songs to play on the piano: Can’t Stop The Feeling

Learn Justin Timberlake’s awesome song from the movie Trolls. Once you feel comfortable with the Prep Level version, you can move onto our Level 1 or Level 2 tutorial.

For this song, Justin Timberlake wanted to write an energetic pop disco hit that would be the perfect finish for Trolls. The movie itself takes a lot of inspiration from the pop culture of the 1970’s, so “Can’t Stop the Feeling” is a good fit. His recording won all sorts of awards and was the best-selling song in the United States the year it was released.

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Popular piano songs to play: How Far I’ll Go

Have some fun playing “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana! Mr. Hoffman’s Prep Level version is great for students who are new to the piano. If you have a year or more of experience, you can check out the Level 1 and Level 3 lessons.

“How Far I’ll Go” is written by the very talented Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote the musical Hamilton and the songs for Disney’s Encanto. Many musicals have a song near the beginning which is called the “I Want” song, where a lead character connects with the audience by singing about their most heart-felt goals. “How Far I’ll Go” was designed to do just that for Moana. Other examples of an “I Want” song include “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid and the opening number from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. When the time came for Miranda to write Moana’s song, at first he was having trouble capturing the feeling he wanted in the lyrics. So, he locked himself in his childhood bedroom at his parent’s house and tried to take himself back to the time when he was Moana’s age, when he was trying to choose between his family’s comfortable middle-class lifestyle and the career in musical theater that his heart was telling him to pursue. The resulting lyrics beautifully capture a loving daughter’s desire to please her family while struggling with the need to find her own independence. We hope you’ll enjoy sharing your own dreams for new adventures as you learn this song. 

Popular piano songs to play: Let It Go!

If the summer weather is too hot, cool off with this hit song from Disney’s Frozen! Learn the chorus melody with your right hand, then add chords in the second video.

In the movie Frozen, this incredible power ballad marks a moment of transformation for Queen Elsa. She goes from feeling ashamed and isolated because of her magical abilities to realizing that they’re a strength to be proud of. This is a message that resonates with so many people, and the song became an absolute favorite the moment the film was released. Although Elsa was originally written as the villain in Frozen, the songwriters Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wanted to write a song exploring how Elsa felt about having to pretend to be a perfect princess even though she had a terrifying secret she had to hide. After the screenwriters heard the song they decided to make Elsa one of the heroes of the story and began rewriting the script. So, we have this song to thank for the story of Frozen, which turned out to be one of Disney’s top animated films of all time.

For even more easy pop songs on piano that you can learn to play, visit Hoffman Academy’s Popular Songs to Learn on Piano page!

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