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Easy Piano Song Tutorials to Practice Your Skills

By Hannah Kendall
Easy piano song tutorials to practice your skills.

Dive into easy piano song tutorials that will enhance your playing skills

Learning a song on the piano is satisfying and rewarding. Whether it be Pachelbel’s “Canon in D” or “Baby Shark,” there’s a proud feeling of ownership and accomplishment that comes with learning a new song on the piano. In this article, we’ll explore what you need to know to learn your first song and some easy piano songs to learn first. 

What does a piano student need to know before playing an easy piano song?

At the most basic level, a piano student needs only their ear to learn an easy song on the piano. Lullabies and children’s songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Jingle Bells can be picked out on the piano by experimenting with what notes sound right and what notes sound wrong. 

Beyond using their ear, a piano student should become familiar with the basics of the keyboard. It’s important to know the musical alphabet (A-G) and the names of the white keys on the piano. This will help make things easier as they begin to read music.

Knowing fingering and proper technique is also important. Each finger on our hands is assigned a number 1-5. Remember that thumbs are number 1. Pinkies are number 5. A lot of beginner sheet music has finger numbers written along with the notes, and following these numbers will make it easier to play.

Image of left hand and right hand. Starting with the left pinky the left hand is labeled 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Starting with thumb, the right hand is labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

When playing, make sure you sit at the piano with a straight but relaxed posture. Fingers should be strong and rounded, feet firmly placed on the ground. This will help you to feel comfortable and play confidently.

While you can play piano songs without reading music, knowing how to read the treble and bass staff will take you far in your piano studies. Learn how to read sheet music here.

Spend some time learning and reviewing these foundational elements. Once you feel like you have an understanding of the basics, you’re ready to learn an easy piano song! 

What is the easiest way to learn a piano song?

In order to make learning a piano song easy it’s very important to choose a song that’s at the right level for you. While it is true that you could learn any song you want to, choosing a song that’s too difficult can prove frustrating and discouraging. Start simple and build your skills with success, and you’ll find that you learn faster and have more fun doing it.

Learning to play a song begins with listening. Once you choose a song to learn, listen to it several times. Become familiar with the rhythm and melody. Hum along or tap your foot to the beat while you listen. 

While many of the beginner songs we recommend in this post can be learned in a few minutes, as you continue to learn more and more advanced songs you’ll need to spend days or even weeks working to learn them. For longer pieces, it can help to break the song into sections. Dedicate each day to learning a small section or phrase. This will make learning feel manageable and allow you to focus on mastering one part at a time.

Another tip for learning piano songs is to practice slowly. Train your fingers to play slowly and accurately, and then you won’t make mistakes when you play fast. Also, if you’re learning a piece that uses both hands at the same time, be sure to practice hands separately at first. 

As you continue to learn a song, be sure to review sections you previously learned to maintain consistency and improve muscle memory. Spend a little time every day working on your song, even if it is only 5-10 minutes. Consistency is key. 

What key is easiest on piano? 

Ask almost any seasoned musician and they will likely tell you the key of C major is the easiest key to play for beginners. The key of C major has no sharps or flats, meaning it uses only white keys on the piano. This makes the finger patterns and chords in C major straightforward and easy to understand. Many beginner-level piano tutorials and exercises are introduced in the key of C major, and you’ll be able to find a wealth of easy piano songs written in this key. 

What easy piano songs should I learn first on piano?

  1. Baby Shark – This is a great first song that even very young children can play! In this video, you’ll learn about the white keys on the piano.


  2. Hot Cross Buns – In this video, which is the first in our series of video lessons, you’ll learn about solfege and steps on the piano.

An easy piano song that can be played with one hand

Quite a few songs can be learned using only one hand! Songs like Ode to Joy, Hot Cross Buns and Mary Had a Little Lamb can all be learned and played with only five fingers. You can also use this super easy video tutorial to learn to play the melody from “Can’t Stop the Feeling” with only one hand!

Did you know that all 5 of Hoffman Academy’s songs from Unit 1 can also be played with just one hand? Watch our free piano tutorials to learn your first easy songs on the piano!

More easy piano songs and sheet music for beginners

Check out our list of easy piano songs for beginners. This list includes songs like How Far I’ll Go, Hedwig’s Theme, and Toccata in D Minor. If you’re looking for beginner sheet music, head on over to our Academy store. We organize our sheet music by level so you can easily find early elementary, elementary, and late elementary sheet music.  

Looking for free sheet music? Or sheet music for adults? Read our article about where to explore free beginner sheet music here.

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