Easy Piano Hymns for Beginners

By Jesse Preis
Easy piano hymns for beginners.

Learn all about playing piano hymns below

Are you interested in learning how to play hymns on the piano? Playing hymns is fun and a great way to improve your piano-playing skills. Most hymns are meant for singing, and so they’re perfect for learning to play the piano while singing or while others are singing with you. 

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss easy piano hymns that you can learn to play at home, provide you with resources so that you can learn hymns at home, and give you other performance and practice tips! Read on to learn more.

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What are easy hymns to play on piano?

Below is a list of easy hymns that you can learn to play on the piano! If you’d like to download the sheet music to these songs, visit our store here or click on the specific song’s link! Some of these hymns are free (such as Amazing Grace) and the others are included in Hoffman Academy Premium Membership. If you don’t have Premium, you can still purchase the sheet music downloads for a small fee! In the next paragraph there are videos that can help you learn some of these hymns.

Famous Hymns:

Christmas Hymns:

How to play piano hymns for beginners

Learning to play hymns for the first time isn’t always easy, especially on your own. For a little help, check out this list of Hoffman Academy videos in which Mr. Hoffman and other excellent Hoffman Academy teachers guide you through the learning process!

How to play hymns with chords on piano

Playing hymns with chords on the piano takes time and effort. Many traditional hymns have chords completely written out in the sheet music. These chords will often have two notes in the treble clef and two notes in the bass clef to match the voicing for singers in four-part harmony. To improve your reading skills as you learn these hymns, check out these Hoffman Academy blog articles:

Becoming a Great Sight Reader

Reading Music vs Playing By Ear

Seven Steps to Super Sight Reading

Modern hymns or modern editions of older hymns often include chord symbols. To learn more about reading and playing from chord symbols, check out these blog articles:

How to Choose Chords

Read Chord Symbols

Easy I-IV-V Piano Chords

Diatonic Chords in Major and Minor Keys

Learning Jazz Piano Chords

For help practicing and memorizing chords, check out our downloadable Piano Chord Chart here!

Tips on how to accompany hymns on piano 

In the last paragraph we discussed materials that can assist you while learning chords with which to perform hymns. Here are some tips on how to play piano hymns while other people sing along!

  • If the chord symbols are included in the music, accompanying hymns on the piano can be done simply by playing the chords while other people who know the melody sing the hymn. 
  • If the singers don’t know the melody well, playing the melody and chords at the same time will help them sing along. 
  • If there are no chord symbols, practice playing only the bass (lowest voice) and soprano (highest voice) lines of the music. The soprano part is usually the hummable melody and the bass line helps keep the singers in tune. 
  • Always remember to briefly pause when the words have a comma, period, or other type of punctuation. This will allow the singers time to breathe before continuing on.
  • Listen to the singers and try to stay with them, even if someone makes a mistake! Over time, this exercise will make you an excellent hymn accompanist.

Now that you’ve learned a little about playing piano hymns and finding resources that you can practice with, you’re ready to practice on your own! Have fun and remember that a little practice every day can go a long way!

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