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Do Online Piano Lessons Really Work?

By Hoffman Academy Team
Do online piano lessons work? Yes! See what makes for the best piano lessons online now.

Do online piano lessons work? Of course! Learn why below

Online learning is here to stay. Most colleges and even some high schools now offer online courses. Studies show that this kind of learning can be just as effective as traditional classroom lectures, such as this research from MIT, but can you learn something like the piano online? Musical instruments aren’t usually taught in a classroom. If you don’t have someone sitting next to you, correcting your every move, can you still learn to play a musical instrument well? Yes, you can, and here’s why it works.

Watch and Learn with Piano Lessons Online

In most traditional piano lessons, students don’t get to see the teacher play very often. They don’t have the example of a teacher playing something correctly, over and over, for them to watch and imitate. When students see and hear a piece played correctlythey will almost unconsciously, effortlessly match their own playing to that of the teacher. They will correct their own mistakes because they’re seeing good posture and hearing how the piano is supposed to sound.

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Embrace the Power of Technology with Piano Lessons Online

Online piano lessons embrace the power of technology. Professionally produced videos, listening tracks, and learning games are all at your fingertips when you learn online. Effective use of technology is one of the reasons online piano students remain engaged and motivated.  When piano lessons include watching videos, listening to music, and playing games online, learning feels like fun. We’ve even heard that some parents let their kids spend time with their online piano lessons as a reward for finishing their chores!

Join the Online Community

Learning online doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. Music learners make up a thriving community that spans the globe. Hoffman Academy is a great example. Our students connect through Facebook, our weekly live broadcast, our blog, and our YouTube pages. When you’re part of an online community you can share your progress and get feedback from people who are learning just like you. We love it when Hoffman Academy students post videos of their piano playing for all their fellow students to see.

Learn at Your Speed

Online learning allows you to learn more in less time. For one thing, when you take piano lessons online you don’t have to spend time driving to your teacher’s home or studio. More importantly, you can go through lessons as fast as you want. For an eager learner this usually means that you’ll progress faster than you would with in-person lessons. Of course you should take the time you need to do well on each lesson. Remember the power of review! Sometimes that means slowing down your pace, but once you’ve got something mastered you can move on to the next lesson right away.

Try Free Online Piano Lessons for Yourself

The best way to find out if online lessons really work is to give it a try. If you’ve been thinking about piano lessons for yourself or someone else in your life, check out Hoffman Academy Lesson 1 for free. Experience how much fun it can be to take piano lessons online while learning the piano from the comfort of your own home.

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