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Piano Learning Software Benefits and Resources

By Claire Robertson
Piano Learning Software: Benefits and Resources

Piano learning software offers many benefits in modern times

Piano learning software brings piano practice into the comfort of your home! Through modern technology and the internet, you can learn to play piano from anywhere, at any time. But, with so many affordable and flexible methods to learn the piano, it can be overwhelming to find the right option for you. In this article, we’ll help by providing a brief review of some piano software resources and discussing how to learn piano for free on YouTube and other apps. We’ll also share some benefits of using piano learning software and the best method to learn piano quickly. 

At Hoffman Academy, our video tutorials bring technology to the forefront of the learning experience. Carefully designed by a trained professional pianist and teacher, our online piano lessons develop your musical skills. Our curriculum integrates the most up-to-date research on learning theory and motivation to help anyone learn piano successfully.

Ready to learn piano with cutting-edge technology through engaging tutorials, progress tracking, and innovative games? Sign up for Hoffman Academy Premium today! 

What software do people use for piano tutorials?

With Hoffman Academy, you can use our web-based app to search nearly 100 popular, classical, and movie piano tutorials at levels from beginner to advanced. You can also learn from over 350+ lessons that will take you to the next level of piano playing. Hoffman Academy’s piano tutorials teach the fundamental tools you need to play songs on the piano. You can find tutorials on how to play scales and chord progressions, popular songs, and classical pieces on the piano. 

Our proven step-by-step method offers a unique combination of cutting-edge technology and learning theory. Hoffman Academy’s unique method focuses on teaching tools and games to encourage reading music and learning music by ear right away. When students learn with Hoffman Academy, they internalize musical knowledge in a way that gives them unlimited potential to learn new music and even create music of their own. 

Our carefully planned lessons cover all the basics from the beginning and require no extra set up. As long as you go through the lessons as they are designed, you’ll improve and grow in confidence as a musician. 

If you’re looking for a software app that provides feedback while you play, the Playground Sessions is a great choice. This app for iPad and Android connects to your keyboard. It can also be downloaded to your computer. The app screen highlights the keys while you play, and it will provide the number of notes that you got right. To use this software, you’ll need a compatible device and several cables. Playground Sessions connects to your digital keyboard using USB or MIDI cables, and is not compatible with acoustic pianos. 

As another option, Flowkey’s app ‘listens’ while you play by accessing the microphone of your device – no other MIDI cables, USB and C connectors are needed to get started. Available on Android and IOS devices, this app offers 8 step-by-step units up to the Intermediate level and video tutorials for a variety of songs. 

Can you learn piano just from YouTube?

We believe you can absolutely learn piano from YouTube videos! Learning the piano from YouTube videos combines the convenience of lessons from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule with the expertise of an experienced teacher for free.

Hoffman Academy has shared piano with millions of people via Youtube. Our most popular video tutorial – the Easy Version of Moana’s How Far I’ll Go – has almost 3 million views! With over 230,000 followers and over 900 videos, we have a thriving community of successful musicians learning piano with us! Our carefully designed method covers all the elements you’ll need to learn to play piano. You’ll learn correct posture, music theory, fun songs, classical songs, and more on our YouTube channel.  

Piano learning software: Free options for apps

You can also access our self-paced video lessons and learn to play piano online all on your own schedule using our free web app. At Hoffman Academy, our video tutorials help you play music right away. Mr. Hoffman’s model videos teach music through experiential learning. All of our video content is available for free, so you can access 100+ popular song tutorials and 350+ lessons without ever spending a penny.

When you’re ready for additional resources, you can upgrade to Hoffman Academy Premium for tools that accelerate growth for beginners from the very start. With Premium, you have access to guided practice plans for every lesson, a library of downloadable listening and sheet music materials, fun online games, and more! The practice plans for each lesson will guide beginners through the best ways to practice the topics learned in any given lesson.  

Another free option for learning piano online is SimplyPiano, which offers the Foundations beginner-centered level for free. Called “Music and Creativity,” this program waits to introduce sight reading, or the reading of music notes, until later in the curriculum. These video lessons start with learning by ear and are “play focused.” The free content is restricted to the first part of the curriculum. 

Benefits of using piano learning software

Using piano learning software and apps like Hoffman Academy offers the advantage of convenience and flexibility. All you need is a device, like a computer, smartphone or tablet – and a piano or keyboard – and you can start learning right away. With our online-based piano learning program, there are no downloads taking up memory on your device and no complicated set up of cables and microphones necessary. Plus, piano learning software makes learning to play the piano more cost-effective. While private in-person piano lessons might start at $60 or more an hour, you can begin learning piano with Hoffman Academy for free! 

What is the best method to learn piano quickly?

The best method to learn piano quickly is the one that makes it easy and encourages practice! Ideally, the tutorials you use to learn piano should demonstrate and repeat for you the best ways and proper techniques to play piano. We also recommend identifying an option that will offer a comprehensive musical education that covers reading sheet music and learning to play by ear. At Hoffman Academy, our online web-based app is specifically crafted to teach beginners music fundamentals right from the beginning and create well-rounded musicians. 

At Hoffman Academy, we develop your musical knowledge for the long term, introducing concepts like chords and scales from the very beginning. You’ll play your first song in your first lesson and feel motivated to practice. 

Give our piano learning software a try and sign up for Hoffman Academy today!

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