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Qualities of the Best Piano App for Adults

By Hoffman Academy Team
Best Piano Learning App for Adults.

Are You Interested in the Best Piano App for Adults? Learn Why We Think Hoffman Academy May Be the Option for You 

Finding the best piano app for adults can feel overwhelming in a world where there are many options geared toward learning piano online. Learning to play piano from an app as a beginner offers you unparalleled convenience, lessons from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, and the expertise of an experienced teacher at a reduced cost from in-person lessons. The best piano teaching apps can guide you through the process of learning, offering tried-and-true methods and instruction just like an in-person piano teacher would! Piano learning apps can guide you through the process of learning a new skill while providing you the flexibility to learn at your own pace. The best options available offer a step-by-step approach to learning that begins with the basics, conveying key information like chords and scales while developing your musical knowledge. 

As an adult, there’s no time like the present to spring into learning a musical instrument! Learning piano from an app can help you maximize your busy schedule and experience the joy of trying something new, without a large financial commitment. This enables you to maximize your budget by introducing you to the piano at a much lower cost than traditional piano lessons with a schedule that you get to set! Learning a new skill offers positivity and joy, so take advantage of the wave of advances in online learning, and give piano a try with a free account now

At Hoffman Academy, we think that our web-based app offers an amazing opportunity for adult learners to experience music with wonder and enthusiasm! Our web-based app harnesses the power of technology through video examples that teach beginners the proper technique to play the piano intuitively. With us, you’ll play music right away, on your schedule and from the comfort of home. Hoffman Academy’s method is unique because it focuses on experience before explanation and gives students tools like sight-reading and learning music by ear from the very beginning. With Hoffman Academy, you have the ability to set your own schedule and self-study to develop musical knowledge that will let you explore music on your own! 

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Characteristics of the Best Piano App for Adults

When selecting the best piano teaching app for your goals, it is important to consider how you like to learn and what resources are available to you. The best apps for teaching piano will offer examples of correct playing and technique, demonstrating and repeating for you the best way to play in a way that makes sense to you. While your goals might determine the type of instruction you want, we recommend identifying an option that will offer a comprehensive musical education. As an adult learner, you know the importance of developing independence, so you need a method that will teach the fundamentals of musicianship– sight reading, music theory, rhythm, ear training, improvisation, technique, and composition.

Depending on your resources and goals, a number of apps offer the tools you need to succeed. If you are looking to learn individual songs rather than an entire musical method, you might like Simply Piano or Flowkey. These apps will teach you to master one song at a time with tutorials from their song library. By working with your smartphone or tablet, these apps have microphones that listen as you play along with the music on the screen to let you know every time that you play a note wrong. Piano Marvel offers a software option that will let you slice sheet music into a practice mode module. There are so many options for piano learning apps–you can read more about them here.

We feel the best piano teaching app offers a structured approach that helps you meet your musical goals and gives you the knowledge you need for self study. By following the Hoffman Academy’s proven and thorough method of musical instruction, you can maximize your limited time as an adult learner with the help of an abundance of resources in our web-based app.

Why Hoffman Academy is the Best Piano Learning App

Our web-based piano learning app will teach you the fundamental musical skills you need to eventually play any song on your own! With the Hoffman Method, you can learn the language of music naturally through immersion, like you learned to speak as a child. Mr. Hoffman’s engaging, multisensory teaching method uses videos to tap into your natural curiosity and creativity to inspire musical exploration and trying new things, like composition or improvisation! Unlike traditional piano instruction, which simply corrects you when you play a wrong note, Hoffman Academy’s web app shows you proper technique through videos. With Mr. Hoffman, you will learn how to play with ease, not just what notes to play.

Ready to get started? All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Our web app will also run on tablets and smartphones as well – with no app store purchases required! Unlike some apps, which simply show a keyboard and highlight which keys to press for how long, our method features video of Mr. Hoffman playing and describing. It’s like learning with an in-person teacher–but you can rewind as many times as you need to for a tricky passage, whenever you choose to practice! Through Hoffman Academy, students develop an understanding of the piano at a deep level, as videos incorporate skills like sight reading, ear training, and rhythm alongside improvisation and composition. Mr. Hoffman’s videos show you how to play with comfortable technique and good posture, so that playing is easy. By incorporating Hoffman Academy lessons as you teach yourself piano, you will be able to play more and more difficult pieces of music with practice.

What is the Best Piano App for Free Lessons?

Hoffman Academy’s web-based app offers a complete musical education for free. All of our 300+ video lessons are available for free, as is our progress tracker. You can experience the step-by-step learning process of the Hoffman Method from our video tracker. You’ll stay motivated knowing just how far you’ve come! Our Premium plan offers extras on top of our free web-based app, including practice plans that tell you exactly what to practice and when, as well as professionally produced audio backing tracks to encourage your musicianship, and more. 

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