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Learning Beginner Songs on Piano - 14 Pieces to Play

By Claire Robertson
Learning Beginner Songs on Piano.

The top piano songs you can learn as a beginner

Looking for the best songs for the beginner pianist? Hoffman Academy presents this list of 14 beginner songs on piano. This collection of beginner songs and tutorials for piano provide fun opportunities to play songs that people know and love! These selections range from classical to pop songs to movie themes in recognizable and beautiful arrangements. Click the link to the video for the song you would like to learn, and Mr. Hoffman will guide you step-by-step through the learning process! 

Be sure to check out our Popular Songs page for more informative piano tutorials on piano songs from classical to contemporary.

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Preparing to learn songs for the beginning pianist

Be sure you have a binder or folder so you can keep all of your sheet music in one place. This makes it easy to review and play songs that you enjoy!  Inside your music binder or folder, you should also have a checklist (like the one on our free Piano Practice Chart) and a pencil for marking your music. 

First, listen to the song you have chosen. Next, listen and sing along with the melody (or move your hands up as the melody goes up and down as the melody descends). The goal is to familiarize yourself with and internalize the music. Once you know how the song goes and you can feel the melody internally, it’s time to start your video tutorial! 

Next, take a look at your sheet music for the song. Let’s find our key signature, time signature, and starting note. What else can you see? It might help you to use colored pencils to circle chords that repeat and to mark other patterns in the sheet music. If you are having trouble understanding the sheet music, refer to the tutorial video, and to our article How To Read Sheet Music.

The best piano songs for the absolute beginner

Super Easy Firework


A great choice for your very first pop song! As this video tutorial is only 8 minutes long, you’ll be playing Katy Perry’s iconic song in no time. With powerful vocals and dynamics, “Firework” exemplifies the self confidence of the 2010s. A song about letting your individuality shine through is a great start to your piano performance career! 

The Addams Family Theme

So catchy you’ll have to snap your fingers! Your first movie magic theme song will transport you to the spooky and quirky Addams family. This song tutorial takes about 13 minutes. You can bring some of the kookiness and eccentricity of the Addams Family to your piano practice.

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Prep 

 This tutorial takes about 15 minutes and is suitable for any student in units 1-4, this tutorial takes about 15 minutes. This song shares a message of positivity and happiness and was composed for the movie “Trolls” and is sung by Justin Timberlake. With a danceable beat and joyful energy, this will be a great tune to practice at the piano! 

The best classical piano songs to learn for beginners

Carol of the Bells

Though the Carol of the Bells was composed by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovich with English words describing Christmas, the original Ukrainian folk song “Shchedryk” tells the story of a sparrow returning to the nest. This beautiful melody evokes the sound of bells ringing in the Christmas season across a snowy landscape. You’ll be playing this timeless carol in 26 minutes with our video tutorial!

In The Hall of The Mountain King

This is an exciting and thrilling classical piece for a beginner pianist! Composed by Edvard Grieg in 1875 as incidental music for a play, this music describes the thrilling encounter between the story’s protagonist and the Mountain King. In 18 minutes, our tutorial will take you through a musical adventure. 

Moonlight Sonata 

Ready for a challenge? Try our edition of the Moonlight Sonata (Early Intermediate). This piece is officially known as the Piano Sonata 14 in C# minor. For a pianist transitioning from beginner to intermediate repertoire, the delicate arpeggiations in the right hand and contemplative quality make this a beautiful selection. The tutorial for this iconic composition by Beethoven clocks in at  about 23 minutes.

The best piano pop songs to learn for beginners 

Believer by Imagine Dragons

This song is considered easy/intermediate – so get ready for a challenge! This driving song features intense electronics and a powerful message. Let the resilience of the music inspire you to practice – at 16 minutes long, this tutorial will have you playing with power in short order. 

A Million Dreams (Easy Version) 

Ready to be the “Greatest Showman”? At less than 10 minutes, this tutorial provides a great opportunity to show off your new piano skills. This song features a hopeful melody and reflects on the power of dreams, so it’s a great inspiration for practicing piano. If you loved learning this piece, once you’ve made it to about Unit 10 you’ll be ready to try the Intermediate Version!

Firework (adding chords)

Ready to build on a song you already know? The next level of Firework is a great choice if you are ready for a challenge after learning the Super Easy version of this song. Take the motivational message of the song to the next level in this 13 minute tutorial. 

We Don’t Talk About Bruno

No-no-no-Yes! This song definitely builds a beginner’s sense of rhythm! In our 11 minute tutorial, you’ll take a musical journey alongside the family Madrigal. Our delightful arrangement of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s music makes the fun of this piece accessible to beginners. 

The best piano movie music to learn for beginners

Stranger Things Theme

Give this iconic 80’s-flavored TV theme a try! The repetitive rhythm is great practice for a beginner pianist. At only 8 minutes, this is one of the shortest tutorials in our repertoire. 

Pokemon Theme

“Gotta Catch ‘Em All”  Pokemon Trainers, this 27 minute tutorial will show you how to play this memorable theme. This energetic and upbeat music will inspire you to “be the very best, like no one ever was” – and practice!

Star Wars Main Theme

This instantly recognizable composition by John Williams will transport you to the stars! This 7 minute tutorial will teach you all you need to know, piano padawan! (Ready to try something easier? The Imperial March, or Darth Vader’s Theme, is a Super Easy tutorial and could be a great starting point!) 

Learn Even More Popular Songs!

We hope this wide-ranging collection of beginner songs and tutorials for piano provide fun opportunities to learn familiar songs. As you practice any of these beginner songs on piano, remember the most important elements of music making are consistent practice and a positive attitude! Be sure to take time to enjoy making musical progress and to celebrate your accomplishments, including how far you have come musically. Check out our Popular Songs page for more informative piano tutorials on piano songs from classical to contemporary.

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