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Be a Positive Practice Partner

While it is important to hold a child to a high standard of playing, this can be done in a positive way!

See the Good

Try to give your child feedback on the good stuff that’s happening rather than on the mistakes. For instance, if your child is missing the same note every time, don’t start out by saying, “You keep missing that note!” Instead, say, “You’re doing really well! You played it almost perfect. Let’s listen to that song again together.”

Encourage Self-Correction

After listening to the song on the lesson video or on our Piano Listening Album which is part of our Complete Lesson Materials, ask, “Does it sound the same when you play it?” If you guide your child to realize the mistake on their own, he or she will be much more likely to want to correct it. Then, when your child plays it right, celebrate with a cheer and a big hug.

Instant Positive Feedback

If you want your child to work on something like posture or hand position, try this game. Tell your child that you’re watching their hand position and will clap when they’re keeping their fingers curved and relaxed. As they play, keep up a steady clapping so long as they’re using a good hand position. Slow down or stop clapping if their hand position isn’t so good. Most children will work hard to keep the claps coming.

Keep It Positive, Keep It Motivated

It seems like a simple thing, but it makes a huge difference in a child’s attitude if they get feedback for doing something right rather than for doing something wrong. Remember, keeping your child motivated is more important than correcting mistakes. When you do correct, doing it in a positive way makes practice time more enjoyable for everyone.

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    Mr Hoffman! Let me first say that your advice is shocking! In a good way… I’ve only read 10 articles and maybe 50 or 60 of your replies to questions, but in nearly every piece there is invaluable parenting advice. Not just piano or music concepts but all around, general principles that can help our kids and grandkids grow up to be excellent people. I started reading all of your articles and responses to encourage my granddaughter (18 months old) to enjoy music and and prep her for music lessons of any kind. But I feel that the piano is the top of the line in the musicians world. I started with trumpet lessons at age 9 and moved to guitar and drums and then piano… piano was the hardest but most rewarding. I’ve heard that music lessons, and learning to read music train the young brain in ways that help grasp complex concepts. My main point is that music lessons at a young age coupled with your advice on parenting will make a lot of kids and parents smarter and happier and the world is a little better with people like you in it ! ( And I might just sign up for your course so I can continue to enjoy learning the piano (at 60 years young))
    Thank you for your thoughtfulness and your encouraging advice.

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Hoffman Academy

      Thank you! We so appreciate knowing that families like yours are benefiting from not only our lessons, but from all that our method has to offer. I definitely agree that the whole experience of music learning and diligent practice provides enduring lessons that can be applied to all areas of life. Best of luck to you as you help raise your little granddaughter with a love for music. 🙂

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    Hi Teacher Hoffman,
    I am pianist since 7 years old, and now I started give a class for children.
    i am Brazilian and moved to Melbourne just to teach for a children, but I don’t have bacharel of Music, but my passion is music.
    I am one month without practices piano since I saw your site and I am laughing a lot with your lessons, and now I started play on my table and it[s getting work.
    I have the first student here and what do you recommend me?
    Kind Regards,

    • Hoffman Academy logo
      Hoffman Academy

      What wonderful work you are doing! You are welcome to use our lessons as you teach piano to others. You may either follow our curriculum directly, or you can assign individual lessons for your students to watch as part of their daily practice time to fit the topics you are teaching. Good luck and happy teaching! 🙂

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    My daughter learned piano for 6 months then she was bored and left
    My husband wanted her to continue
    So after a break of 4 months I started her with these piano lessons
    She is doing great
    Nice tips

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    Travis Rutherford

    These are excellent ideas. Thank you. Your methods are so far removed from my mother’s teacher back in the 1940s! She used to tell us how her teacher held a ruler in her hand throughout her lessons and she rapped my mother (and no doubt other pupils) sharply over the knuckles when she played a wrong note or dropped her wrists or did the wrong fingering, etc.

    It’s remarkable to think that my mother continued to study and eventually got her licentiate and then became a piano teacher herself (the gentlest teacher imaginable).

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    Thanks for wonderful article and remind us about positive reinforcement which applies in everything we teach our children.

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    Thanks so much for this insightful article. I guess I need to work on my attitude!

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    Jebakani Raja

    Useful article helped me to improve attitude.

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    Jebakani Raja

    Wonderful article. Thanks for this online teaching.

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    Thank you so much for the helpful tips. Great article!!

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    THANK YOU for this. We have a restored Baldwin grand coming any day. So excited to get started. You site will be so helpful!!!!

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    Wonderful article! And it applies to so many areas with children and, well, all people!
    Thank you.

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    Thank you so much for this wonderful article on positive reinforcement. As a self-proclaimed perfectionist, I struggle to keep myself in check when working with my daughter. I am excited to try this method not only in her music lessons but also with school work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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    Thank you! My son is a little young to really start lessons, but I wanted to refresh my memory from childhood music classes. I never got very far and want to be able to help my child(ren) succeed in music. These lessons are truly helping and your advice will keep us moving in the right direction.

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    Jasmin Evans

    Thanks for the helpful tips! As a homeschooling parent, it is good to get coaching tips from professionals!