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Awesome Reasons to Join Our Summer Piano Camp!

By Rebecca Carlson
Awesome Reasons to Join Our Summer Piano Camp

Every summer, Hoffman Academy hosts a fun-filled piano camp. The best part? We bring summer piano camp to you, wherever you are! Choose a themed cabin, then download a packet that will guide you through a week of exciting piano learning adventures including video lessons, music theory funsheets, and creative activities. Here are all the reasons you should join us!

1. Summer piano camp is FUN!

What’s the point of summer piano camp? It’s to have fun making music and share that fun with friends and family! Summer time is a great time to explore new musical horizons. For many children, summer means a break from the regular routine of school and other scheduled activities. That leaves more space for curiosity and creative expression. Our summer piano camp will guide young piano students to learn new, fun songs, sharpen their music theory skills, try out improvising and composing, learn to accompany themself and others when singing along at the piano, and encourage them to put on their own performance for family and friends.

Summer Piano Camp

2. Learn new music skills

Summer piano camp isn’t just about learning to play a new song or two on the piano. There’s so much more to being a musician than memorizing notes. For example, each day of summer piano camp starts with a creative listening exercise where campers choose a song from their cabin’s Spotify playlist. As they listen, they think about what they hear. They’re encouraged to identify how the music makes them feel, what the tempo is, and what instruments make up the sound. This kind of active listening creates a strong foundation for life-long musicianship.

Playing the piano is fun on it’s own, but it’s also a great instrument to accompany singing. Each piano camp cabin has it’s own sing-a-long campfire song. After students watch a video where Mr. Hoffman introduces the song, it’s their turn to gather friends and family around the piano and play while everyone sings. This activity develops listening and performance skills, and encourages students to keep going at a steady tempo even if they make a mistake or two. It’s also a great way for young piano students to experience the delight of bringing people together with music.

Another music skill that young students love to try is composing their own songs! Our Pop Star and Movie Magic cabins include a step-by-step guide to make an original musical creation that even beginning students can try.

3. Camp Packets are FREE for Premium users!

Whether you have a basic free membership, a Premium account, or are totally new to Hoffman Academy, you can join any or all of our Piano Camp cabins! Premium members can access the packets for free, or each packet can be purchased for $7.99. Created by our expert team of music educators, these seven packets are bursting with summer learning fun: Activity packets, playlists, and printables! Once you have your packet, you’ll have the option to purchase sheet music from or music publisher Hal Leonard, but all of our video lessons and tutorials are 100% free for everyone!

4. Beat the summer practice blues!

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with practicing over the summer. Piano Camp will inspire your mini musician with:

  • New songs to learn, such as the Legend of Zelda theme song, Lean on Me, A Whole New World and the Adventure Time theme song!
  • Fun and engaging activities, like composing your own songs, creative listening exercises, and learning about awesome musicians!
  • A Talent Show so you can show off your new piano skills!

5. There’s a cabin for everyone!

Pick from seven cabin themes based on your young musician’s interests. Each cabin comes with its own activity packet and a special Spotify playlist.

  • Classic & Cool: For young maestros looking to learn some traditional favorites.
  • Movie Magic: Owls and Ewoks and Batman, oh my! Learn music from your favorite movies.
  • Christmas in July: It’s never too early to start spreading cheer with these Holiday Classics.
  • Brave Adventurer: Calling all future Piano Heroes! Learn songs from Frozen, Moana, and your favorite cartoons.
  • Pop Star: Find your inner Piano Superstar with songs from Katy Perry, Elton John and more. 
  • Mr. Hoffman’s Hits: Be a real hit when you learn some of Mr. Hoffman’s favorite tunes on the piano, including Linus and Lucy, The Mission Impossible Theme, and We Will Rock You.
  • Challenger: For the piano player with 1-2 years of experience, this cabin will stretch your skills with exciting and challenging songs like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, or All of Me by Jon Schmidt.

Hoffman Academy Piano Camp Packet Covers

6. Be part of a global musical community!

Hoffman Academy is an ever-growing community with over 200 thousand learners worldwide. Visit us on Facebook or Instagram @HoffmanAcademy to see what students around the world are doing, and to share your own progress and creations! 

So come camping with us!

One of the best things about Hoffman Academy Piano Camp is that it happens in your home, at your pace, on your schedule. We’ve organized five fun-packed days of summer piano camp activities for each cabin, but you can always go faster or slower, whatever works best for you! You can even take Piano Camp on vacation. If you’re away from a keyboard for a few days there are still listening activities, video lessons with your camp counselors, fun music worksheets, and you can always keep your fingers in shape by practicing “air piano!”

See you at piano camp!

Ready to get started? Learn more about piano camp and find the cabin that's right for you by clicking below:

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