Tempo Memory Matching Game and Reference Sheet

Piano tempo flash cards

Level: Units 7+ A memory matching card game for learning the names and definitions of each tempo marking.  Game Suggestion: Print all cards on card stock and cut along the lines. Shuffle cards and lay out with the word side down. One or more players takes turns trying to match the correct term card with […]

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Pineapple Matching Game

Pineapple Flash Cards

Level: Units 2-4 If you like pina-coladas, you’ll love to play this fun matching puzzle! It’s great for reviewing the note names and locations on the staff and on the keyboard. We’ve also included optional color or black-and-white graphics for your printing preference. InstructionsPrint the puzzle on cardstock and/or laminate for best results.Cut out the […]

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Interval Race

Level: Units 4+On your marks, Interval Racers! Use this worksheet and game for two players to help students practice quickly identifying intervals in music. Included in PDF: Instructions + 2 Game Markers (cars) Board Game 8 Interval Pages Note: This game works best if you laminate all pages. Materials needed: Two dry erase markers Dice […]

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Note Flashcards

Piano note flash cards

These Note Flashcards are a useful and convenient way to help your young musician review notes on the keyboard and staff. Pages should be printed front-to-back. Use card stock for best results.

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Piano Party Packet

Printable Piano Party Invitations

Whenever a student completes a unit, one fun way to celebrate his/her progress is to host a piano party. You can get some ideas for your celebration in this blog post. This packet contains everything you need to plan and host one. Included in this PDF:1) Piano party planner2) Piano party games3) Piano party invitations4) […]

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Paper Finger Puppets

Finger puppets for kids

You may recognize these familiar faces from the puppet shows at the end of our videos. Now Princess and Scuba can inspire, motivate, and encourage your young musician at home.Print, cut, and size your own paper version with this super fun template! Here are some ways that we like to use the finger puppets! Introduce […]

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