10 Fun Songs to Learn on Piano

By Rebecca Carlson
Fun songs to learn on piano with Hoffman Academy.

Try these fun songs to learn on piano!

Are you looking for some fun piano songs that even a beginner can learn to play? Here’s a list of songs for piano beginners to try, plus a few for the more experienced piano player. Each of these fun songs to play on piano has a Hoffman Academy Video tutorial with an expert piano teacher to help you learn and start playing right away.

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Fun songs to learn on piano for kids

Super Mario

Video games have some of the most catchy and fun piano songs for kids to learn! This popular theme from Super Mario is no exception. The Super Mario Bros. “Overworld Theme” by Koji Kondo uses exciting rhythms that may look a little tricky on paper, but aren’t hard to play for anyone who is familiar with the tune. Learning this song is a great way to introduce piano students to syncopation, or music that emphasizes the weaker beats in a time signature. 

Let it Go

The chorus of this ultra-mega-hit power ballad is a great song for piano beginners to play and sing along. You can learn the melody in our easy video tutorial, then when you’re ready you can add chords with our easy/intermediate video tutorial. Let this song inspire you to be yourself and always do your best!

Hedwig’s Theme

Calling all Harry Potter fans! Learn the haunting, enchanting melody of John William’s “Hedwig’s Theme” from the Harry Potter movies. This is one of the most recognizable themes from the Harry Potter soundtracks and was the very first melody that John Williams wrote for the films. It perfectly captures the wonder, mystery, and adventure of Harry Potter’s wizarding world. Add a little magic to your world by learning this easy piano arrangement.

Fun songs to learn on piano for lovers of pop music


Katy Perry’s “Firework” is an encouraging and motivational hit. Let your piano skills shine as you learn to play this super easy arrangement of the chorus. This is a great song to help beginners learn how to count out held notes. When you’re flying high with the melody, try the intermediate level lesson that teaches you how to add chords for even more fun and excitement. 


Learn one of the most popular songs by one of today’s top music artists with Hoffman Academy’s piano video tutorial for “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. This video tutorial is for piano players who have had a few years of experience. It starts with the song’s introductory rhythm section that will teach you about percussion notation, then moves into the actual notes of the melody and accompaniment. This is one of our most challenging popular music piano videos, but we believe that you can do it!


Are you ready for a super fun challenge? The energetic “Geronimo” by Sheppard is one of the songs featured in “Mr. Hoffman’s Popular Hits for Piano,” a sheet music book with 17 easy arrangements of piano favorites. The video tutorial for this song will teach you the chorus, but if you want to learn the whole song, you can get Mr. Hoffman’s Popular Hits for Piano on Amazon. The book comes with access to demonstration tracks and backing tracks for “Geronimo” and 16 other fun piano songs. You’ll feel like you’re a pro playing along with a real band!

Fun songs to learn on piano for students interested in classical music

Für Elise 

This absolutely entrancing melody is one of the most recognizable in classical music. Not only that, an intriguing mystery surrounds it. Beethoven wrote it “For Elise,” but no one is sure who Elise was. You can learn more about this song and its history here.

The melody is simple enough that a beginner can learn it, while the full piano score makes an exciting challenge if you’ve got a few years of piano experience. Hoffman Academy has a complete set of video tutorials to help you learn and enjoy this song no matter what your piano playing skills are. Choose the tutorial that’s right for you!

Toccata in D Minor

This dramatic and mysterious piece by Johann Sebastian Bach is a spooky favorite. It’s featured in the soundtrack of almost 30 movies, most of them horror films, and also in a few fun movies like the “LEGO Batman Movie” and Disney’s “Fantasia.” Everyone is sure to recognize this tune. It’s exciting to play, especially if you have an electronic keyboard with an organ sound. For beginners, start with our easy video tutorial which will teach you the melody of the opening section. If you’re a piano player with a few years of experience, challenge yourself by learning the full version in our intermediate level tutorial

Moonlight Sonata

Beautiful, romantic, and melancholy, Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” is a lovely piece to play. The slow-flowing melody floats above the accompaniment like a moon over rippling water, which is how this song got its name. Piano players with a few years of experience can easily learn the early intermediate level arrangement in this video tutorial with Mr. Hoffman. The “Moonlight Sonata” uses a lot of arpeggios, which are chords played one note at a time. It might look like a lot of notes on the page, but if you think of each set of three ascending notes as a single chord then it’s really very simple! 

Fun songs to learn on piano for students interested in blues / jazz

Linus and Lucy

This fun and jazzy piano piece is from the original “Peanuts” cartoons and has delighted piano players and listeners for generations. It’s another song in the “Mr. Hoffman’s Popular Hits for Piano” book. Impress your friends with the catchy rhythms and energy of this song. To get started on Mr. Hoffman’s easy piano arrangement, watch the video tutorial.

We hope you enjoy this list of fun piano songs to learn and play! Find out more about how you can accelerate your piano learning with Hoffman Academy.

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