Unleash your piano potential with Premium. We know you’ll love it so there’s no commitment and no credit card required–only AWESOME online piano lessons FREE for 30 days!

Piano Lessons


Hoffman Academy Premium delivers a complete musical education, without ever having to leave your living room.

Since our online piano lessons can happen wherever and whenever you are, we take the hassle out of finding the right piano teacher and the time to fit yet another activity into your calendar.

Your student is free to learn at their own pace, on your schedule, even if you have no musical expertise!

How does Hoffman Academy




Practice what you learn on your instrument at home.


Enhance and support your learning with Premium’s library of printable musical education resources, test your music theory knowledge with online games, and play along with professional backing tracks.

It's really that simple - and families around the world love learning piano with us!

Have a look at what some of our happy customers have to say about Premium:

My girls love it and look forward to piano time every day. Honestly I could go on and on about how much I love Hoffman. I have a music background myself and think it is GENIUS to incorporate solfege in piano!!! That is what sold it for me honestly… the solfege. I have never had a music lesson myself with such an incredible teaching philosophy… never seen one like it and it truly is genius! I also appreciate that they have accompaniment tracks to nearly everything they play. The finger puppets are hilarious! I love them myself! I could keep going… but I’ll end by saying we are HUGE fans and will be using the Hoffman method all the way through with all 4 of our children. I am committed to it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for such an amazing program!!

Hanna, June 2019

I love how the practice sessions and video lessons are organized. Everything is broken down into easy-to-understand steps that my 7-year-old can follow. As a piano teacher myself, I appreciate the curriculum. Hands down, it is my favorite of any piano method I have ever seen! I love how it incorporates ear training, sight reading, melodic and rhythmic dictation, etc. even from the start.

Camille, June 2019

I love the structure and comprehensive nature of the practice sessions.  Everything is right there.  It is so convenient to have such high quality lessons in our own home whenever we can fit them into our crazy, ever changing schedule.  The music games are not only fun for my kids, they really help solidify their understanding of different musical concepts.

Melissa, June 2019

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Get a complete musical education at your fingertips! Try Premium absolutely FREE for 30 days. We’re so sure you’ll love it that there’s no commitment and no credit card required!



What’s included in the Premium Membership?

  • 240+ Delightful, professionally produced video lessons taught by Mr. Hoffman, a piano teacher they’ll love!
  • 4 Super fun online games that help your mini musician master music theory.
  • A music learning resource library with hundreds of printable kid – friendly worksheets!
  • Personalized practice plans from Mr. Hoffman. He’ll tell your young musician what to practice so you don’t have to!
  • Unlimited access to our backing and practice track library so your aspiring pianist can play along and feel like a rockstar!

Do I need to provide my credit card information up front?

No- we’re so sure you’ll love Premium that there is no credit card required to participate in this trial.

What happens when the free trial is over?

If you don’t sign up for Premium at the end of the 30 days, you’ll lose access to all our Premium features like guided practice, online games and learning resources.

Can this trial be used by one or many students?

The 30 day Premium trial can only be used for one student in a household. It doesn’t extend to multiple family members.

I already have a Hoffman Academy account. How do I take part in the free trial?

Existing Hoffman Academy members must use a new email to sign up for 30 Day free trial.

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